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Parte 1
historia MS:Parte 1 historia I came to América about 17 years ago originally
on a student Visa. After I had finished my studies I went back to
Sao Paulo, and re-entered the US on a tourist visa. I had no intention
to permanently live in the United States, however I felt in love
with this country and decide to stay a little longer than my 6 monthy
staying visa permited, to get to know about the culture as well as to visit the other states.

TJ: So what you are saying here is, you broke the law.

MS:Obviously I had to find a job to support myself, so I did. I
work originally as a live-in Babysitter for about 6 month, after
that I had to relocate and inevitably I had to change jobs. I remember
my first salary as a babysitter, it was $175,00 per week, which
was not a lot, but I had no expenses since I was living with the
family and I was able to save some money.

TJ: Again, you are admitting that you broke the law.

MS: It was when I moved, from Fort Lee to Newark, New Jersey that
my real problems started. Prior to that, I had no contact with the
Brazilia community whatsoever, and I am sad to say that it was indeed
a very negative experience. I learned the hard way, that the majority
of Brazilian that live here have one thing in mind, which was to
take advantage of newcomer such as myself.

TJ: I'm sorry to hear that you're experience was not a good one.
However, it is not fair to state that "the majority of Brazilians"
do nothing else but try to exploit their naive, ignorant, fellow
countrymen. Perhaps the company that you keep is a reflection upon
you're own character- maybe you were looking to "beat them" at their own game, but lost.
Yes, there are those in the Brazilian community who lack ethics
and morality, and that they think nothing of lieing and stealing
from those in whom they have gained their trust, but many more do
all that they can to help one another, and ask nothing in return.

MS: It was terrible to realize that my "own people" would lie, cheat
and steal from me, they straight right took advantage of my naiveness.
Fortunately I am quick study and understood that the best thing
for me to do would be to completely dissasssociated myself from the community and moved on.

TJ: Like I said, this truly is a shame. But I find it hard to believe
that the only people you encountered were liars, cheaters and thieves.
Once again, this is the company that perhaps you CHOSE. I'm sure
if you looked harder, you would have found a plethora of kind, considerate,
warm, friendly people, but, for whatever reason, you didn't. I feel
that this is a reflection on you, personally. You surrounded yourself
with likeminded people, and therefore you reaped what you sowed.
You shouldn't generalize an entire ethnic group based on your own experience.

MS:I am a Américan Citizen now and I run my own business, I am an Employment Agency Broker.

TJ: An Employment Agency Broker!!! These are the worst exploiters
of people in this country!!! You take advantage of people, and rip
them off. How do you sleep at night???

MS:I browsed through the estories on your site and some of them
made me sad, and others made me real angry. For I found it sad that
most people do not realize what a great country América truly is.
They come overhere and expect to have the same culture and values
(or lack of it) they had in Brazil. The USA is a First world country
for a reason, not by chance. It is not because they lie, cheat or
sit on their butts all day long, but rather because they are honest,
trusthworthy, kind, hard workers and fair.

TJ: Yes, I agree that América is a great country. However, we do
have our fair share of liars and cheaters and exploiters, both domestic
and imported. As far as not "sitting on their butts all day", isn't
that what you do? There is no honesty or kindness in your line of
"work", and I use the term "work", loosely.

MS: Yes, we do work hard in América, (I myself work 7 days per week)
my Américan husband which also own his own business get up at 5
in the morning, and yes even though eh is the boss, eh is last one
to leave the company at evening.

TJ: Would you like some cookies and milk? A medal, perhaps? Does this make you special?

MS: That would never happen in Brazil. The owner of the company
is the last one to show up and the first one to leave. Work on the
week ends? Are you kidding eh the BOSS! América is a country of
opportunities, and indeed we do have the opportunities to better
ourselves, because this country do provide such opportunities. In
Brazil for instance, if you are born poor, chances are that you
end up dying poor. Unless you get lucky and marry into money, become
a tv starlet or a soccer player you do not have many chance to climb up the ladder of sucess.

TJ: Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, we do have a class
system in América, as well. Yes, our poorest still live better than
many in Brazil, however, it's alot harder to "climb up the ladder
of success" than you think. But I agree, the opportunity is there,
however small or rare it can be. As far as "marrying into money",
it sounds like your husband is doing OK.

MS: Not here, a good example is the forner President Bill Clinton,
that was born poor, raised by a single mother, went to college on
scholership grant and became the president of the most powerful nation in the world.

TJ: Bill Clinton: His mother was a gold digger, and a status chaser,
and she made sure that the men in her life provided all the best
for him. eh was not poor, and eh did not want for anything. eh 's
not from Hope, eh 's originally from Hot Springs. Yes, the "Horatio
Alger" story made for good copy, but it's generally false. Also,
you are aware of the fact that Bill Clinton was disbarred from ever
practicing law, again? The guy lied and cheated his way to the top.
So I find it ironic that you would use him as your example of "rags
to riches" in América, especially after you made so many disparraging
comments about your fellow countyrmen who come to América to "lie, cheat and steal."

MS: Could you see that happening in Brazil? FAT CHANCE!

TJ: Actually, I know of one woman from the Favella in Rio who is
now in congress, although her name eludes me at this moment.

MS: Most people I know that comes from Brazil stays within the Portuguese/Brazilian/Spanish
comunity, does nothing to get sponsered and become legal, but even
when they do became legal, they choose to cheat, not pay taxes,
not pay for medical and other services, as a rule they do not invest on learning English etc.

TJ: And that makes them unique? Are they the only one's who cheat on their taxes?
How about you? Don't you "hide" things, or find loopholes in which to avoid paying
higher taxes? Who are you to judge?

MS: All they are actually doimg is draining the country's economy.

TJ: This is your most silliest comment by far. These people make
cash, yes, but they spend it, too. They spend it on food, rent,
laundry, transportation, and consumer luxuries like radios and tv's.
They contribute enormously to the economy. Plus, many of them do
have jobs in which they are being taxed, however, they cannot apply for unemployment
insurance in the event of a layoff. They also are paying into SSI,
of which they also cannot benefit from.

MS: They work here to send the money overseas and do not contribute
with taxes. It is really a pitty that the Brazilian comunity in this country is not united.

TJ: The Brazilian community is relatively new in América. Most of
them associate themselves with the Portuguese community, which is
very powerful in Américan politics, particularly on the east coast.

MS: Is not many people that gives guidance and the right information.

TJ: And what "guidance" and "information" do you have to offer?
You seem to be full of criticism, but lack any desire to help your own people.

MS: This website however is a rare exception. The gentlement "Elton"
that says eh didn't have insurrance and are still payimg his doctor
bill, I had to laugh. Is eh sure that eh lives in the USA? Are we
talking about the same country here? América offer free medical
for anybody, and I reapeat "anybody" that cannot afford. eh is completely
disinformed. and here eh is giving advise to other Brazilian. What
a sad and unfortunate sate of affairs!

TJ: Health care in América is not free. Somebody has to pick up
the bill. And in order for somebody to get "free medical" they have
to lie. So on one hand, you are saying it's ok to lie, to get "free
medical", but then you condemn people for being a liar. You make no sense, at all.

MS: One cannot expect to come to another country and live the same
way they lived on their home country, that isobvious, however the
United States of América has the BEST policy of welfare and medical
assistance in the WORLD for God sakes! what is eh talking about?
I hear many similar stories on a daily basis, Oh, how hard things
are in América, how they work on unskilled jobs, how little money
they make, how they have no time to study and better themselves.
They do not realize that in reality they should not be here work
illegally in the first place, second they do make more money than
most Américan Citizens themselves, for we must comply with uncle's
Sam and pay a good deal of due taxes.

TJ: "They do not realize that in reality they should not be here
work illegally in the first place"... Like you, when you were working
for 175 dollars/week babysitting? Like you, when you overstayed your tourist visa?

MS: Many says that they have no opportunity to learn the language,
which is "BS", (pardon my French)since every city or town offers
free courses of English as a second language with schedules during
the day and at night as well as week ends. The reason they do not
learn is because they live among Portuguese/spanish speaking people,
whatch Brazilian programs, read Brazilian news in Portuguese etc.,
so of course they cannot learn. I am not here to bash my own people.

TJ: "I am not here to bash my own people". I have to laugh at that
statement. As far as people not learning English, there are many
reasons. Yes, I agree, some do not have the desire. But learning
a second language is born from neccessity, and if the person doesn't
feel a need to learn it, they won't. Why should that bother you?

MS: But I do not appreciate people that bashes América either.
If one make a choice to live overseas, one must make an effort to
play by the rules and regulation of the country they choose to live
in. I am now an Américan citizen, and I love Brazil, but What upsets
me is that most Brazilian I encounter that comes overhere, does
not contribute with the economy, do nothing to better themselves and blame it in América.

TJ: I can't say that I have met alot of these types. Most Brazilians
I know are hard workers, kind, friendly, sincere and humble. And
they don't bash América. Like I said before, they contribute to
our economy. They spend most of the money they earn, and they spend it here.

MS: The Américan people as as rule are extremely polite, generous
and trusting, and do follow the rules. Most Brazilians on the other
hand, expect to come overhere and use the "JEITINHO BRAZILEIRO"
just to found out shortly after that this is not the way we do things
here. This is a country of hard working and generous people, that
appreciates the little things in life, Such as summer which is so
short, so a sunny day for them are reason to rejoice. They really
mean it when they say Oh, what a lovely day! They work hard, so
any short trip or driving in the country side is appreciated, for
time and money is precious to them.

TJ: So where does the expression "RAT RACE" come from, then? It
was coined here in América. Américans don't work hard because they
want to, they work hard because they need to. yes, it is admirable
to work hard, but many families in América suffer because the bread
winner is never home. And many people are taxed to death, and can't
afford a "luxury" like a vacation.

MS: I read the other day on this very site, a posting of a brazilian
girl saying "Forget about trying to find fashionable clothing in
the USA, that the clothing overhere has no style. My question to
her is: Did she ever have the chance to shop at Sacks 5th avenue
or any other great Department store in América? Or Does she ever
heard that New York is the fashion capital of world? The main difference
is that Américans are not slaves of designed clothing as the Brazilian
are. You might encounter a "gazillionaire" here who dress up in
faded (not design) blue jeans and non-design sneakers and you might
think eh is a "NOBODY". Contrary to Brazil, where people rather
starve then be who they really are, for they rather live in a shack
with no running water then show up at work wearing the same clothing,
and God forbid" if they are no a Calvin Klein or any other brand
name. Who prefers to live of appearance and dress up as a walking
adversitment, showing off the brand names as a form of

TJ: Sacks 5th Avenue is a store for the elite. The common riff raff,
the untermensch, do not shop there. They can't afford it. How can
you state that Américans are not slaves to fashion? América is the
world leader in consumer saturism and name brand apparel! Our economy
(that you seem to think you are an expert on) thrives on it! Indeed,
some Américans have more money than they know what to do with. I
mean, who would buy a 30 dollar t-shirt from Brooks Brothers? 30
Dollars for a t-shirt?! And yet, they go like hot cakes. Only in América.

MS: Beleive me, I have been on both side of the track and I know
better, Was it easy for me in the beggining? Nope. Have I ever encountered
prejudice? Nope Would I do it over again? YOU BET! The majority
that are here and complains, seem to forget that they could never
on their wildest dream drive a "brand new car" in Brazil, but here
they can afford to. They could never own a "Big Screen Television
Set, a Computer, a Cell phone or a regular Telephone even, but here
they do. They continue the same trade of showing off, having lavished
week ends barbecues, driving the "in" car, talking like maniacs
on their annoying mobile phone, and yet they still expect to save
money and buy a huge beachfront home in the tuninikin's land and
leave happily ever after. Well, I got news for them -- Dream on.
The truth is that one can make a good and decent living in the United
States, one can actually succeed as I myself did. But there is no
short cut, there is no "Jeitinho Brazileiro". It must b
e done with effort, sweat, courage and pride. It must be done with
commitment and honor. It must done the Américan way! Best Regards, Mary Seraphinni.

TJ: Band new car, big screen TV, a computer, a cell phone... as
if the acquisition of material possessions is the yardstick by which
to measure happiness, or success.
Why are you so pre-occupied with what these people do, when you
cleary have nothing but contempt for them? Do you know that many
Américans choose to live in Brazil? That they admire their way of
life, and their culture? And whats wrong with week end barbecues?
Should people deny themselves what little joy they can find, in
the hopes of saving another ten or twenty dollars a week? You talk
about effort, sweat, courage and pride, and yet you work for an
employment agency. You make your money off of their labor, don't
you? And then you make fun of them. You should never generalize people.
Just because somebody doesn't speak English doesn't mean they can't
be successful in América. Some people resign themselves to being
"working class" and their is nothing wrong with that. They are happy
with their status. As a matter of fact, they are the motor by which
our economy runs. Without them, the laborers, the garbage men, the
truck drivers- this country would grind to a standstill.

I'm certain that nobody would even notice if you lost your "job".
So, all I can say to you is, congratulations on all that you have
accomplished. You come from "nothing" and you seem to have achieved
the Américan dream. And that's great. But just because there are
many who haven't, who come from similar backgrounds as you, does
not preclude that they are lacking in all the qualities that you
say that you admire. Not everything in this world is black and white.
There are many shades of gray. You seem to be exhibiting a behavior
that Irish Américans used to call "Shanty Irish". It was a derogatory
term that succesful Irish Américans applied to there less cultured
brethren- but when many of these "Shanty Irish" got jobs as policemen
and firemen, they soon found themselves being able to buy homes
in the same neighborhoods as their snooty cousins. This created
friction between the new middle class and the older ones. Many of
the former "Shanty Irish" became very self conscious of th
ere new status, and tried to make themselves look more worldly and
important, socially as well as economically. They forgot where they came from.

And I think that's what you are doing, trying to forget where you came from. By the
way, how many illegals does your husband employ (exploit)?

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