Imigrar para os Estados Unidos

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Minha colecao de links sobre imigração

Links governamentais

U.S. Consulates and Embassies Around the World
(Several consulates and embassies have their own home pages with important information on their current procedures and practice.)
U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service
(Contains some basic Information Regarding Various Immigration Laws and Procedures. Some DOWNLOADABLE FORMS available. INS has its own FAQ, some of which are good for basic research on immigration laws, INS Fees, etc.)

U.S. State Department
(Excellent Coverage of International Adoptions including links to National Adoption Information Clearinghouse, Visa Procedures for Marriage with a foreign national, and many other topics of interest. DOS has also said that if your stay in U.S. is valid, you do not need a visa to reenter from Canada or Mexico An I -94 is sufficient. Click here to read further.

U.S. Information Agency
(The most important part for immigration purposes is the information about J visa and related regulations. Click here for the relevant menu.)
Office of Authentication
(The agency responsible for authenticating documents for use in government or private purposes)
Américan Foreign Service Association
(All about Américan Diplomats. Interesting site.)
Visa Appointment Reservation System
(Welcome to Visa Appointment Reservation System.A system for booking non-immigrant visa interviews.)